Multimedia indication of origin. On packaging, as of April, thanks to QR codes

Gran Moravia at Cibus with its 2.0 label

Origin, label, provenance. Current affairs that are top of the list in the food world and especially in the dairy sector. To the extent where they are debated in heated arguments, legislative proposals and discussions at a European and national level. In the dairy sector, the provenance of raw materials, together with the processing phases, is information that many are demanding. First and foremost by agricultural enterprises and consumer protection associations. A request that the sector’s enterprises seem to be acknowledging in communication and marketing. The Brazzale Group’s proposal heads in this direction with a project in tune with the trends of recent years. This Veneto-based company takes a further step forward in relation to the label of origin of raw materials. “Gran Moravia, flagship product of the Brazzale Group, will be presenting an innovative project in the cheese world when it takes the stage at Cibus 2012: the multimedia label of origin”, comments Roberto Brazzale, CEO of the Group and the mind behind the project. The company is currently finalising the last phases of a project that seems bound to revolutionize the concept of labels of origin, taking a significant step forward towards guaranteeing transparency. “The new frontier of multimedia communication allows us to access a series of information with a simple click, something that was unimaginable before, in such a small space,” explains Brazzale. This solution is made possible by using QR code technology. The square code box that will be printed on the packaging will allow you to connect to a special section of the website dedicated to Gran Moravia cheese, using any smartphone, by simply swiping the QR code reader. “This technology has never been used before to illustrate such comprehensive information on product provenance. Compared to the multimedia label of origin, current labels will have the flavour of ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets.” The dedicated website, specifically designed to facilitate navigation with a mobile device, allows users to access various sections. A journey to discover the origin of the Gran Moravia using Google Maps to view the hot points of the production farms, a video illustrating the cheese processing phases, unpublished photographs and dedicated texts. This new labelling innovation crashes through the physical limitations of packaging and becomes a huge source of information: maps, images, news, projecting the consumer into the supply chain, with information and a revolutionary experience that has never been seen before. Every aspect of the Gran Moravia eco-sustainable supply chain can be monitored and shown with satellite precision. You will be able to watch the processing, fly over the supplier dairy farms, browse through hundreds of photos, read texts and data sheets, consult data and read through the recipes. A marvellous experience, unimaginable just five years ago. This online function can also be accessed on the Gran Moravia website, in the multimedia label of origin menu, from the beginning of April this year.

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