Brazzale in the world

mappa Brazzale nel mondo
Brazzale SpA  Zanè

Brazzale SpA, Zanè, Italy

Production facility and Group Headquarters: butter production, cheese ageing and cheese packaging dept.

Brazzale Spa Monte di Malo

Brazzale SpA, Monte di Malo, Italy

Production facility, Monte di Malo: production of stretched curd cheeses (provolone, scamorza, mozzarella) and Asiago PDO cheese.

Brazzale Moravia A.S.

Brazzale Moravia, Litovel, Czech Rep.

Production facility and headquarters of “La Formaggeria Gran Moravia” chain of shops: Gran Moravia aged cheese production, soft cheeses and butter with milk from Eco-sustainable chain.

Brazzale Spa a Campodoro

Brazzale SpA, Campodoro, Italy

Pigs breeding and biogas plant.

Brazzale SpA in Brasile

Brazzale-Silvi Pastoril Ouro Branco, Brasile

Cows’ breeding with innovative “SIlvi Pastoril” method.

Brazzale SpA USA

Brazzale U.S. Inc. New York, USA

Commecial subsidiary: importation of cheeses.

Brazzale SpA Quing Dao, China

Brazzale Quing Dao, China

Production facility: soft cheeses production.

Brazzale Shanghai

Brazzale Shanghai, China

Commecial subsidiary: importation of cheeses.