The numbers

  • Gross racks 8.502
  • Net Racks 7.958
  • Total Net “Gran Moravia” Form Places 254.656
  • Planks Of Spruce Glulam (Mc) 68.016
  • Monorail Shuttles 3
  • Shuttle 4
  • Satellites 4
  • Ducting System For Air Conditioning (Km) 140
  • Electric Cable (m) 9.000
  • Sensors, Photocells And Safety Barriers 1.000
  • Insulated Surface (Sqm) 10.420
  • Number Of Screws For Rack Mounting 1.193.700
  • Number Of Screws For Assembling The Rack Posts 850.200
  • Anthropomorphic Robots 4
  • Recovered Covered Area (Sqm) 5.308
  • Photovoltaic System (Kw) 747
  • Total Area Of The Lot (Sqm) 22.690
  • Total New Covered Surface (Sqm) 8.298
  • Original Building (Sqm) 4.908

The most advanced maturing plant

The new ROBOTIC HARD CHEESE MATURING WAREHOUSE “SANT’AGATA” in Cogollo del Cengio (Vi), is the most advanced plant for long-aged cheeses, designed for Gran Moravia hard cheese, fully robotized and equipped with the most refined artificial intelligence solutions for the control of micro-climatic conditions and every single operations. Built just 8 kilometers from the Brazzale headquarters in Zanè, the warehouse, inside, relies on an integrated system of shuttles and anthropomorphic robots who take care of 200 thousand wheels of Gran Moravia, maturing in more than 8 thousand square meters covered area of the plant. All this in over 8 thousand covered square meters of plant. The warehouse was inaugurated in the summer of 2021 and already being expanded by about 25%. Among the advantages of the new structure is that of the great energy savings that will allow to achieve energy self-sufficiency thanks to the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the warehouse, in a sort of “perpetual motion”.

The revolution of this plant lies in the fact that it is the cheese that goes to the brushing and turning machines and not the other way around as is the case in previous generation warehouses. In addition to the reduction of the common volume of 50%, with great energy and territory savings, the elimination of voids allows to obtain the maximum homogeneity and stability of temperature and humidity conditions, fundamental for a perfect seasoning. In addition, the reliance on shuttles and anthropomorphs for all loading and unloading, brushing and turning operations, controlled by a central computer system, guarantee the recording and meticulous control of each operation, unimaginable so far.

Of fundamental importance is also the choice of location, which allows the plant to rely on ideal climatic and logistical conditions: located at the mouth of the Val d’Astico, it is in fact at the foot of the Asiago Plateau, at an altitude of about 300 meters, in a position that guarantees optimal ventilation and purity of air, coming from the mountains surrounding the structure.

Sempre Verde

RETE 4 channel - 11 June 2022
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The special report that the television host Luca Sardella has realized in our robotic warehouse of Sant’Agata in Cogollo del Cengio and in the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds it. Broadcasted during the episode of “Sempre Verde” on Saturday, June 11, at 13.00.

Linea Verde

RAI UNO channel - 2 July 2022
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In the episode of “Linea Verde Discovery” on RaiUno channel, broadcasted Saturday 2 July 2022 at 12.30: the Brazzale family and the robotic warehouse of Sant’Agata in Cogollo del Cengio.

The Warehouse

Official trailer
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The exciting story of the construction of the most advanced maturing warehouse for Gran Moravia hard cheese. The voices of its creators present us the new ROBOTIC HARD CHEESE MATURING WAREHOUSE “SANT’AGATA” and the extraordinary features of its innovative project.


Here you can find videos, photos and brochures about Sant’Agata Warehouse and more.

Press area & News

Brazzale presenta il magazzino 4.0

Research and development

Food – È la più grande struttura al mondo completamente automatizzata per formaggi a lunga stagionatura. Sviluppato su 8 mila mq coperti, ha una capacità totale di 200 mila forme, gestite dai robot grazie all’IA

La danza dei robot che ha rivoluzionato una delle più antiche aziende casearie italiane

Research and development

Articolo de La Repubblica

The Times of India

Press review

The Times of India – Moderating a session titled ‘Nutrition and liveli- hood’, IDF president Piercristiano Brazzale talked about local dairy leaders across the world.

World Dairy Forum 2022

Press release

L’impianto di stagionatura Sant’Agata si è aggiudicato il primo premio ai “Dairy Innovation Award” della Federazione mondiale del latte.

World Dairy Forum 2022

Press release

The Sant’Agata Brazzale ripening warehouse for Gran Moravia cheese won the first prize at the World Dairy Federation’s “Dairy Innovation Awards”.

L’impianto Brazzale: Innovazione da Oscar

Press review

Giornale di Vicenza – Riconosciuto un livello di tecnologia unico al mondo «Ora l’obiettivo è la totale autosufficienza energetica»

Zona microclimatica ecosostenibile

Research and development

Brazzale Science Center – Innovazione nello stoccaggio/maturazione del Gran Moravia in zona microclimatica ecosostenibile

Rispettare la tradizione innovando

Press review

Giornale della logistica – Bracci robotici “danzano” in magazzino, navette ad induzione trasportano mini scalere. Un impianto dove coesistono passato e futuro.

Stagionatura con robot all’avanguardia

Press review

Giornale di Vicenza – Via scalera e corridoi: forme stoccate su 4 piani, tutto automatizzato Navette e antropomorfi caricano, scaricano, spazzolano e rivoltano.

Il territorio

Press release

Viaggiando verso il magazzino di Sant’Agata di Cogollo del Cengio (Vi), la storia di un territorio: dai Cimbri, passando per il tessile, fino alla produzione dei formaggi.

I numeri

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Tutti i numeri del Magazzino Sant’Agata

Magazzino Sant’Agata

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Brazzale apre la più grande struttura al mondo completamente automatizzata per il Gran Moravia, totalmente autosufficiente perché alimentata solo da pannelli solari.

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